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Jean Rogers - for Equity Council and Equity President

"Hi, I’m supporting Jean Rogers because I think she has a firm grip on what are the important issues in Equity and with an ever changing arena in which Equity members perform, I think Jean will steward the union through challenging times with intelligence and common sense.

The other reason I am supporting her is because she gave me ten pounds."

Jo Brand


"I support your nomination as it would be great to have a woman as President of Equity for the first time in 70 years as well as a passionate campaigner for gender parity"

Polly Kemp

The Stage
The Stage

"I've known Jean for at least thirty years and have always been a big fan. She's shrewd, tough when she needs to be and is a committed champion of performers rights."

Sir Tony Robinson

"We do have to keep 'banging on'.....till the message is embraced. So, encouraged by your dedication."

Maureen Hibbert

"Fully behind Jean Rogers for Equity president. Woman of integrity. Hard Worker with No waffle-gets the job done! "

Lola Williams

"I voted for you last time and gutted you didn't get it but this year...."

Claire King

"Jean's work is consistent and tireless and her graciousness and politeness under pressure are exemplary."

Fiona Whitelaw

"I shall be keeping my fingers crossed for you. I think you more than deserve your opportunity to serve, after all the work you have put in for the Union."
Christopher Oxford

"I totally agree with all your sentiments and will indeed continue my support for you."

Chris Chittell

"I do think you are incredibly brave and strong!"

Tracey Briggs

"So pleased you are fighting the good fight. You definitely have my support!"

Susan Cleaver

"Always in the forefront of progress and communication."

Josephine Crawford

"Dearest Jean, you are my warrior, a warrior for us all."

Miriam Margolyes

Go for the presidency!  You are the best and they are lucky if they get you!

Agnete Haaland

(former FIA President and Norwegian Actors Union)

"I would like to vote for Jean for president. Hope she wins."

Anna Carteret

"Jean - the best "man" for the job!"

James Smith

"I want someone who eats, sleeps and lives the job. It's time for Jean."

Elizabeth Conrad

"What a sparkling list of supporters! Proud to be on it!"

Celia Imrie

"I encouraged Jean to stand for Council originally and I have never regretted it. She has grown into a real and genuine campaigner for all members of Equity without fear or favour."

Freddie Pyne

"Jean Rogers the best of the best for Equity President.

She has shown remarkable

leadership qualities as Chair of my company embracing true diversity and theatre across all borders.

Time for change - stand by your woman!"

Faynia Williams

"I give you 100% support!"

Annie Bright

"So pleased you're fighting the good fight. You definitely have my support!"

Beverley Callard

"You always get my vote too!"

Claire Grogan

"I shall be asking everyone I know, to support you. Good luck."

Josette Simon OBE

"I have you in a double with William Hill for you as Equity president and Hilary Clinton as president of the USA!"

Jimmy Cricket

"You have my support Jean, as always X"

Susan Penhaligon

"Jean is an inspiration!"

Julia Pascal

Vote Jean Rogers for Equity President 2016-2018

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