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My Election Statement...


Is she still banging on about Gender Equality?  YES, I am!  Because in  this tough industry, women members, minority ethnic, disabled and LGBTQ have even tougher times trying to build careers.  "Banging on" has produced  better equality in leading television roles, improved gender parity in casting, promised monitoring, recognition of diversity's commercial value and awareness of ageism affecting men earlier now.
I've always "banged on" - about readable end-credits; strengthening committees and branches; bad casting practices; about my pride in the huge efforts Equity is making on difficult issues - fair pay; Arts funding; backing the BBC; improving job opportunities; strengthening contracts; empowering our exploited young.
As President, joining forces with PIPA, ERA50/50, Sphinx, Tonic, Act For Change, inspired by Geena Davis Institute, I will build on work I lead through the International Federation of Actors, to revolutionise industry attitudes to members' needs and rights, ‘mainstreaming’ equality into every union activity. 

Make me your President!!  I'll continue banging on in defence of Equity members whoever, wherever.  Continue to be a thorn in the side of any oppressive thinking.


We should do more to make Equality a reality... and I believe we can!




(This list includes actor, variety, voiceover, stage management, designer, theatre director, standup, singer and dancer members)


* = Names on published list of 40 supporters



Karon Antoni

Anthony Arundell

*Annette Badland

*Jo Brand

Geraldine Brennan

Tracey Briggs

Annie Bright

Dave Brinson

Laurence Bouvard

Morna Burdon

David Burton

*Julia Carson Sims

Jo Cameron Brown

*Anna Carteret

*Michael Cashman

Mary Chapelle

*Chris Chittell

*Susan Cleaver

Chris Chittell

*Di Christian

Elizabeth Conrad

Jonathan Coombe

Josephine Crawford

*Jimmy Cricket

*Jo Clifford

*Mark Curry

Ruth Curtis

*Maggie Cronin

Juliet Dante

Norma Dixit

Noma Dumezweni

Kate Dyson

*Barbara Ewing

*Beverey Callard

Many Fenton

Natasha Gerson

Sarah Gordy

Claire Grogan

Tim Hamilton

Peter Hannan Sharp

Murray Hecht

*Maureen Hibbert

*Rosie Hilal

*Mark Holden

*Celia Imrie

Shirley Jaffe

David John

*Polly Kemp

*Noreen Kershaw

*Claire King

Mary Lane
Stephen Langley

Robert Lindsay

*Caron Lyon

*Miriam Margolyes

*Ann Mitchell

Kate McCall

*Fidelis Morgan

*Judy Norman

Susi Oddball

*Ann Ogbomo

Paddy O'Keeffe

Chris Orr

Christopher Oxford

*Sue Parrish

Julia Pascal

Naomi Paxton

*Susan Penhaligon

Leonora Piper

Ken Pollock

*Freddie Pyne

*Cassie Raine

Helen Raw

Caron Reidy

David Richey

Fran Rifkin

Annette Rizzo

*Tony Robinson

Lisa Ross

Cheryl Rowlands

Alison Saxton

Mjka Scott

*Josette Simon

Marc Sinclair

*James Smith

Chris Sullivan

*Cleo Sylvestre

Antoinette Sym

Ruth Tansey

Celia Twining

*Anna Tierney

Terry Victor

Nelson Ward

Kate Warshaw

*Flip Webster

*Arabella Weir

Fiona Whitelaw

Faynia Williams

Lola Williams

*Kate Willoughby

Jules Woodman

*Johnny Worthy


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