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How The Other Half Loves


"Jean Rogers is all classy elegance as Fiona and portrays a brilliantly understated bitchiness."  Bolton Evening News

Time and Time Again

"Jean Rogers gives a beautifully edgy and tentative portrayal."  Basingstoke Gazette


"Jean Rogers fills out the rather underwritten role of Anna, Leonard's sister and shows a real flair for comedy"  The Farnham Herald


A Chorus of Disapproval


"Miss Rogers makes the transition from farmer's wife Dolly to sexy, slinky Fay with apparent ease."  Yorkshire Post


"Inevitable consequences are created with consummate skill by Jean Rogers as Fay, who has an elaborate sexual menu and just can't get enough."  The Stage


Who Killed Santa Claus


"Jean Rogers impressed with her brittle witticisms and glamorous demeanour."  The Weekender


"Acting honours must go to Jean Rogers as the manipulative Ms Love."  Oxford Times


"Jean Rogers is a superb Barbara Love"  Wokingham Times


An Ideal Husband

"Jean Rogers is great fun as the gossipy Lady Markby."  Croydon Advertiser


"Jean Rogers delivers a lovely comic performance as Lady Markby, the woman who talks a lot but says little."  Eastbourne Herald



"The Dolly Skilbeck of Emmerdale turns into a wittily lilting darling of a maneater."  The Winchester News


"The tension is heightened by some very strange characters played by Peter Byrne and Jean Rogers. The acting was convincing, the set magnificent. And it all added up to bumper business at the box office."  The Stage

To Kill A Mocking Bird


"Jean Rogers , who has an exciting feel for stage craft after a ten year stretch as Dolly in Emmerdale, has the difficult task of linking the scenes. She plays the adult Jean Louise, a successful writer, thinking aloud, wistfully on her childhood in the racially prejudiced thirties with as much emotion and humour as her lines allow."  The Stage

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